Here you will find information on how to make payments to workers and payment security.

How do I pay a worker?

The worker will complete the deliverables assign to them in the package you have purchased. Upon completing of all deliverables the worker will process the ‘Payment Release Button’ which is viewing inside of their dashboard. You will receive a notification via email to login and approve this request. Click ‘Approve Payment Release’ to the worker and the JO system will then manage the invoicing for the worker automatically.

Does the worker Invoice me at the end of a job?
No, the JO system automatically creates a recipient created tax invoice for the worker (RCTI) which means as the employer you don't need to action anything.
Where can I download my tax invoices from?
  1. Log into your dashboard
  3. In the left hand navigation and click ‘View Transactions’.


On smaller screens and devices you may need to scroll to the right hand side to see the ‘View Transactions’ button!

What currency are the prices displayed in?
The prices are displayed in Australian Dollars (AUD).
Is there a merchant processing fee charged on purchases made through the JO dashboard?
Yes, 1.75% merchant processing fee is passed onto customers at the point of purchase. You will be notified of the amount when making the transaction and will need to select the checkbox to approve the merchant fee.
What layers of payment security does JO offer?
JO’s internationally recognised payment gateway is a validated Level 1 PCI DSS compliant service provider. JO does not store any customers payment information directly on any of our services or within our offices. The JO platform is also linked with the 3D secure protocol. See information about 3D secure protocol in this article.
How do you manage my credit card data?

JO does not record, retain or store any credit card details directly on its platform or hosting servers. JO uses a safe and secure internationally recognised payment gateway which safety vaults credit cards on behalf of our customers.