1. After you have completed your on boarding, you will arrive at the dashboard:

  2. Return to main dashboard:

  3. Return to JO home page:

  4. You can personalise navigation with side bar:

  5. Or click to view dashboard without sidebar:

  6. To view pricing or to purchase a package click Add Package or Pricing:

  7. View items in shopping cart:

  8. Hover over the tool tips if stuck:

  9. To view your jobs click All Jobs:

  10. View your employer's company name, the name of the package title given by the employer, the assigned package type (small or medium/large business) package level (bronze to platinum) package status (view article: package status's) your worker name, retail package amount (AUD), start date and end date:

  11. To view your order history click ORDERS:

  12. To view your recipient created tax invoices (RCTI) click Download RCTI:

  13. The download will show your worker ABN, business name, an invoice is automatically produced for you to Jobs Outsourced, with the correct amount and your bank details which you need to load into your payment settings.
  14. The company name, business registration number and address details you completed in your on boarding process will be shown here:

  15. Update your account setting here:

  16. Update your payment settings to receive worker payments into your nominated bank or PayPal account from JO:

  17. Edit your worker profile:

  18. Preview your worker profile:

  19. You can log out of the dashboard from two places:

  20. If you need to contact JO support, you can do it here:

  21. And inside of our Contact us button:

  22. Contact us via phone, email:

  23. You can find our address here:

  24. Read out Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Moderation Policy:

  25. Congratulations, now you know how to use the dasboard.