1. Once you have purchased your package, give your package a name from inside the main dashboard:

    EG: Product Launch Name

  2. Click the package name to start on boarding:

  3. You will then be taken to the package screen which will shown the on boarding progress bar:

  4. The title has already been added, now lets open the on boarding questionnaire to brief the worker. JO has a custom on boarding questionnaire for each package category. Input the answers so you worker has all the information.

  5. Enter your information and click save:

  6. Enter a project description by clicking Edit Description:

  7. Enter the description information, and then add attachments to the project by clicking Add Asset. You can add either files or links (EG: Dropbox or YouTube).

      File types

    Accepted files types are: jpeg, bmp, png, pdf, epub, mp4, jpgv, ogv, mov, mpeg, mpg, webm and the maximum file upload size is 10MB.

    Tip: Best practice is to create a Dropbox file with all of your briefing material, and then link that file to the assets section. This save you needing to upload the attachments individually.

  8. You cannot download, update and remove assets that you have personally uploaded as shown below. You are unable to remove assets if uploaded by another user.

  9. Return to the top and you will see that your package has successfully on boarding, and the on boarding steps will automatically disappear, and the package status will change from Not Started to Live.

  10. Congratulations Your package is now live. This entire process takes on average between 2-8 minutes depending on the amount of information you add as a brief to the worker.

    Note: The deliverable's will be now edited by your worker from within their worker dashboard. Once all the deliverable's are completed, the worker will make an automatic request for payment for your approval. The release payment button will then turn green.