Once your package is live and you have completed the on boarding packages. You can now manage the deliverable s of your project seamlessly with your worker. 

  1. Click into the package from the main dashboard:

  2. You will now see the deliverable's. At the beginning of a package, the deliverable's will be all be shown as incomplete:

  3. The worker can click the edit button from their dashboard and update each deliverable to reflect the status, and add notes for your review. As an employer you can also make these updates.

  4. By clicking load notes and submit, the deliverable is now updated with the note and time and date stamp:

  5. The deliverable's is now updated inside of the dashboard:

  6. Once all the deliverable's are completed, the worker will see a Request Payment Release button in their dashboard view. Once they click this, you as the employer will now see your Release Payment button has changed from Grey to Green, and you can approve the release of payment.