Inside of your package you can upload, download, delete package files. This can be during the on boarding of a package or this can be completed after a package is live.

  1. Click into the package you have purchased from the dashboard:

  2. Scroll to the bottom of your package to the Add Asset section:

  3. Enter the description information, and then add attachments to the project by clicking Add Asset. You can attach either files or links (EG: Dropbox or YouTube).

      File types

    Accepted files types are: jpeg, bmp, png, pdf, epub, mp4, jpgv, ogv, mov, mpeg, mpg, webm and the maximum file upload size is 10MB

     Tip: Best practice is to create a Dropbox file with all of your briefing material, and then link that file to the assets section. This will save you time uploading the attachments individually.

  4. Once your assets is upload, you can download, edit or delete the asset (file attachment) here:

     Note: You are unable to remove assets if they have been uploaded by another user.