The process is to approve the release of your package payment to a worker happens with one click.

  1. Log into your package from your main dashboard:

  2. The worker will complete their package deliverable's inside of the package and adds any notes for you review.

  3. The worker should provide project comments, and upload their work to the attachments section (if relevant) by clicking Add Asset. You can now review the work to ensure it has be completed in full.

  4. When your package deliverable's are completed the worker will send you a payment release request notification to the email you log into JO with:

  5. Once you click the Payment Release Accepted to be taken to the JO platform directly into the package and click:

  6. A pop up will ask you to provide final confirmation you would like to release payment to the worker:

  7. The package will change from Live to Completed and you can give the worker a review:

  8. Review worker:

The JO platform handles all invoicing for the worker, so your package is completed! If you package is a monthly recurring package, the process gets completed each month.

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