After you complete the sign up process, you need to on board your account.

  1. Once you have created a new account, you will commence the on boarding sequence.

  2. Start the on boarding sequence and click Get Started:

  3. Enter your account and billing details:

    Important Note: Its important you insert the correct company name and billing information to enable the JO platform to produce correct recipient automated tax invoices (RCTI's).

  4. Enter your credit card or PayPal account details if you also would like to purchase packages.make purchases of your own:

    Note: To provide additional security for our customers, the payment verification may automatically complete a 3D secure verification. This is normal.

  5. Create your worker profile. The worker profile will enable JO's internal vetting team to review your work experience, and present your profile to customers for potential projects.You can add multiple categories and then select multiple skills using the drop down. This will allow ensure you will be visible if the JO team or customers search our worker directory by skill.

    Pro Tip: Profiles which are completed in full are more likely to receive high quality projects through Jobs Outsourced.

  6. Confirm your on boarding is complete.

    Note: If you have missed any steps, click the edit button and you will return to the screen to complete your on boarding.

  7. Click NEXT and you will now enter the JO dashboard.

  8. Congratulations you have on boarded!