As a worker you can also purchase packages to hire vetted workers to collaborate with you on your projects.

You can buy packages when you are logged out or logged in. Please follow process below:

  1. View the available packages by going to pricing, type in what you are looking for in the search box, or click View All Packages:

  2. Go to the pricing summary screen and view the links for monthly packages at the top:

  3. And one off packages at the bottom:

  4. Click into the package to view the pricing and the package deliverable's. For certain plans there is an option of small business pricing, and medium / large business pricing. Click the toggle button to display both pricing levels:

  5. Medium/large business pricing:

  6. Add the package that best matches your requirements to the shopping cart:

  7. The package is now in your shopping cart, click View Cart:

  8. Create a new JO account and enter your payment information to process the payment:

  9. Finally accept our terms and conditions and click Purchase:

    Note: If you have already on boarded you account and are logged in, to purchase a package simply repeat the process above. The only difference will be when you check out at the shopping cart, you won't need to enter your account details in, you can tick By clicking Purchase you accept our Terms and Conditions and then click the green Purchase button:

  10. The package will successfully process and you will be taken to the confirmation screen. Next go to the dashboard to start on boarding your package.

  11. Pro Tip: If you wish to white-label the JO platform, you can bill your customer and then purchase the packages you need and manage through your JO dashboard.Packages you have purchased will be shown separately in your dashboard as My Packages, and the jobs you are working on will be shown under My Jobs.

  12. If you would like to introduce the customer to JO and guide your client to purchase packages directly on JO, you can join our affiliate program.